Apart from making some of the best cars on the planets, Tesla, the famous American manufacturer of electric cars, has a cashing economy of producing lifestyle products which cash in more on its brand appeal. The latest product from the automaker is a Tesla-branded wireless charger.

From the design point of view, the charger is quintessential Tesla, with a really unique and premium design. The charger has been constructed using the same design language that is used in other Tesla products from its energy division like the Powerwall. It features a sleek white or black enclosure.

The design of the charger that is even gonna make any person with even Apple’s charger envious of it.

The Tesla Wireless Charger follows the Qi wireless charging standard implying the nearly every device in the market will be able to juice up using this charger, even the devices from Apple or Samsung also.

The charger has a 22.2Wh 6000mAh battery powered inductive charging pad. It is capable of delivering up to 5W of output power, which is kind of a bummer because, after iOS 12, Apple has added support for up to 7.5W of charging capacity to the iPhones also, which traditionally have one of the slowest charging speed in the industry.

For devices without any wireless charging capabilities, the charger can act as a power bank thanks to an integrated USB- C cable and the 6000mAh battery. Tesla has even added a USB- A port for devices that aren’t compatible with USB- C also.

The device is up for retail from Tesla’s website for a price of 65USD.

The charger is a really good buy if you prefer premium looks, or the Tesla logo or are a Tesla fanboy and don’t mind spending the extra bucks and are willing to compromise slightly on the features offered.

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