For long, Huawei has been rumored to be in the process of releasing a new take on fast charging as the company’s fast charging was dwarfed by the OnePlus’ Dash Charge technology and Oppo’s SuperVOOC Charging tech.

Now, we are getting our first confirmation that Huawei is indeed planning to launch such a charging technology as new FCC documents have revealed some insight into the two new charging technologies that Huawei has been developing.

The first one is a fast wired charging solution. Huawei’s current flagship device, the P20 Pro and the regular P20 come with support for 22.5W of fast charging, still a respectable output. Huawei is expected to take it a step further by unveiling a 40W fast charger, placing them in the same league as the SuperVOOC from Oppo and ahead of OnePlus’ Dash Charging technology. With the Mate 20 Series, Huawei’s next flagship devices down the pipe, with launch scheduled next month, it is expected that those devices would come bundled with a 40W charging solution on- board. The charger is expected to have 4A, 10V output capacity at the peak.

The second one is regarding a wireless charging pad that also Huawei has been developing for some time. The wireless charger is also expected to pack some really powerful punch. The FCC documents have revealed that the Wireless charger from Huawei would be having a power output of 15W which also happens to be the maximum permissible according to the Qi wireless charging standard, the current market norm for wireless charging. The document seemingly confirms the availability of wireless charging for the Mate 20 Series’ upper model, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Whether Huawei decides to include a wireless charger in the regular Mate 20 is yet to be seen.


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