Samsung July 2018 Security Patch details

It’s not been long since Samsung unveiled its latest flagship The Galaxy Note 9 at the unpacked event, so its perfect time to start our rumour mill with Samsung next big phone Galaxy S10.

1)More options: Samsung might release 3 different variants of their next year flagship Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10 Lite seems to be the name of the devices the later one would be more affordable and come with same design language though would miss on some hot stuff which we are going to discuss.

2)Unbreakable Display: All the variants of Galaxy S10 might come with Samsung’s new unbreakable display which is a flexible plastic OLED display this display as demonstrated by Samsung can take a lot of beating and come out just fine and will be great considering shrinking display.

3)4K Display: Yeah! you heard it right after 3 years of 1440p, 4K(2160p) seems to be coming with S10. Leaks suggest Galaxy S10 and S10 + would be having 4K while S10 Lite would come with 1440p display though I guess 4K would be limited to S10+ only

4)New Design: The biggest problem which S9 found with customers was that it was nearly indistinguishable from its predecessor S8 and Samsung is planning to change that Samsung would be reporting removing the bottom chin of the device with a curved OLED panel just like in iPhone X(Display by Samsung). Also shrinking the top Bazzle by using Sound Emitting display instead of the earpiece, this would not be coming to S10 Lite though.

5)In-Display Fingerprint Scanner: Galaxy S10 is bringing a lot new and one of them is In-Display Fingerprint Scanner. Samsung would be bringing an Ultra Sonic one which is more secure and can read fingerprint on wet display and fingers.

6) 5 Cameras: Yes after dual camera 5 is the new number. We would be soon receiving LG V 40 with a 5 Camera setup and just like it, S10 would sport 5 Camera 3 at the back which would have a standard 16 MP along with Optical Zoom and Wide- Angle. Yes, Wide-Angle photography is here.
Also, we would have 2 Front-Facing cameras for 3-D face recognition which would be more secure than the current android solution. Though S10 Lite would come with 2 rear cameras with wide-angle capabilities.

7)5 G: With Qualcomm X50 modem Samsung and the world are all ready for the first 5G experience and S10 users would be one of the first people who would enjoy those upgraded speeds.

8)Faster processor: Samsung Galaxy S10 would continue the trend of launching 2 different variants of each device one with Samsung’s own Exynos processor and one with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. No matter which one you get you are assured blazing fast performance with a new 7-nm process which can improve performance by 10% and possibly 3.3 GHz of clock speed on these devices.
So, that’s for now keep connected for new leaks and updates on Galaxy S10.