The May security patch for Android devices is officially out from Google’s end and it is now up to the manufacturers to ship it to their customers.

Here’s a complete coverage of the May Security patch and what all fixes are included in it.

Google has tried to ensure that it is more difficult to exploit an Android device due to the enhancements it has put in this month’s security patch.

Android Runtime

The most critical vulnerability that has been patched involves the Android runtime. It would have otherwise enabled any remote attacker to access the data in the device which would have otherwise been accessible only to the local apps with the permission to do so.

Android Framework

A framework vulnerability, which would have otherwise enabled any malicious application to gain additional permissions my bypassing user interaction.

Android Media Framework

The fixing of the media framework vulnerability, which would have also enabled any malicious application to gain additional permissions by bypassing user interaction.

Android System

A similar system vulnerability concerning additional permission is also among those that have been patched.

Android Components

Kernel related

A kernel vulnerability which enabled bypassing the protections imposed by OS to isolate one app’s data from other apps data.

NVIDIA components

A vulnerability, of critical severity, in the NVIDIA components, which would have, in the context of the TEE, enabled any local malicious application to execute arbitrary code.

Qualcomm Components

An attacker could have used a specially crafted file and within the context of a privileged process executed arbitrary code, through a severe vulnerability that was affecting the Qualcomm’s components, but is now patched.

So, this is all, but a brief summary of the vulnerabilities that have been patched in the May Security Patch.


The May Security Patch would be coming to many devices in the coming days as an OTA update and Keep following us, as we’ll be posting about the devices as they get the patch.

                                                                                                                               Source: Android Security Bulletin

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