Huawei puts behind the wheel the Mate 10 Pro and proves that AI can do amazing things

Most of the latest chipsets for mobile devices have already implemented specific improvements or even processors designed to enhance artificial intelligence, and this technology is postulated as the key to the smartphones of the future, which will be integrated much more in our lives as Smart assistants adding communication capabilities.

The Huawei Kirin 970 is, along with the Apple A11 Bionic and the Samsung Exynos 9810, one of the pioneering SoC in the integration of a neural processing unit that is implemented in the chipset itself to take charge of improving the processing of artificial intelligence, although Now nobody had really taught us the capabilities of an NPU on a mobile device.

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And what can a high-end smartphone do with a chipset of this type? Can you drive a car? For Huawei thinks so, and to prove it has put behind the wheel of a Porsche Panamera his Kirin 970 chipset on a Mate 10 Pro, its flagship, which has allowed the luxury of successfully dodge a cute dog.

The development team of the Chinese giant wanted to skip the Mobile World Congress 2018 with something very interesting to tell, in the absence of a high-end that will be presented in Paris at the end of March, so hands-on work began to look for what they could do with the AI of their Kirin 970.

Only five weeks to get it, but the idea that a Huawei Mate 10 Pro was able to dodge dogs and cats driving a car was too interesting to discard, and as you will have seen in the video, proof exceeded.

The artificial intelligence of Huawei was programmed to recognize dogs or cats and the Porsche dodges the innocent animal without any problem, although do not think that Huawei is ready to launch autonomous cars, it is only an experiment in driving in the open field and Not on a real highway.

Of course, it is a good test of fire to show us that the neural processing units of our smartphones are serious and have real utility, and also speak of a first generation that will still improve more with successive iterations.

We will see more during the fair in Barcelona, and that is Huawei takes to the MWC 2018 this exercise demonstration of capabilities in terms of autonomous driving by its flagship.