How to Enable Face Unlock feature on any Android device [NoRoot]

EnableFace Unlock on Any Android Device

All OEM’s seeding new features in smartphones to make our day more productive. After Apple launched iPhone X the face unlock feature became trending though it is already available on Android smartphones running Android lollipop or above. And still, this feature is available in latest Android 8.0 Oreo which is called as the trusted face. In 2017 smartphone manufacturers brought various biometrics in smartphone security. This includes the iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, and the facial recognition. The facial recognition is mostly found in stock Android like Nexus, Pixel, OnePlus, Essential Phones, etc. Anyhow, this feature is hidden because it is not that secure.

The major drawback in Android face unlock feature is, the smartphone with face unlock feature enabled can be unlocked by similar face. And also can be unlocked by holding the photocopy of smartphone owner. So, it is less secure when compared to PIN, pattern, password, or Fingerprint unlock options.

Many smartphone OEM’s implementing their own biometric system for their smartphones. Like iris scanner in Samsung devices, face unlock in OnePlus devices, Face id in iPhone x and more. In this article, we will guide you how to Enable Face Unlock feature on any Android device.

Steps to Enable Face Unlock feature on any Android device

  • Make sure that your device is running Android 5.0 lollipop or above.
  • Go to Settings –> Security & Fingerprint. (options may vary depending on OEM)
    Face unlock
  • In Security options, select Smart Lock option.
    Face unlock
  • Now, it will ask to verify the PIN or pattern.
    Face unlock
  • Now you will see various smart lock options. In that select Trusted face.
    Face unlock
  • Now follow the instructions to scan your face.
    Face unlock
  • Done!

This will be your primary unlock feature with fingerprint, PIN, pattern (You can use these if your face unlock fails).