Honor/Huawei’s bootloader unlock page not working? Here is the fix

Honor/Huawei’s Bootloader Unlock Code Request Doc

For last few days the Honor/Huawei’s bootloader unlock page is not opening and it is giving 404 error.If you are Huawei or Honor user then you may have already known that for unlocking the bootloader of Huwaei or Honor device, the unlock code is needed.

And users can get the code only by visiting the Honor/Huawei’s bootloader unlock page.Yesterday Xda posted an article about the issue and a simple way to overcome the issue.HonorUSA addressed the issue 2 days ago on twitter and told the users that engineers have already started working to fix the issue.

You can check the tweet below

So Now, How To Get Honor/Huawei’s Bootloader Unlock Code?

Honor/Huawei’s Bootloader Unlock Code Request Doc

In the tweet they have share a Google Doc, so that both Honor and Huawei users can request bootloader unlock codes directly.It is very simple.Users have to fill up the form and submit that.Check out the Google Doc here.