After numerous leaks over a period ranging several months and undergoing a complete revamp following the cancellation, the G7 or the ‘G7 ThinQ’ what LG likes to call it about to be unveiled on the 2nd May’ 2018, according to a post on LG’s official Korean blog.

The G series is one of the flagship lines of smartphones. Normally the G Series would see the light of the day in the Q1 of each year, but due to diminishing profits of its mobile department, LG overhauled its mobile strategy which led to the cancellation of the G7 and its redesign right from the ground up.

The G7 ThinQ would also adopt the infamous notch, popularized by the iPhone X and hated by most of the people worldwide. The G series is this time going with more than two colors with the color choices being ‘Raspberry Rose, Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blu(Matte), Platinum Grey and Aurora Black’.

Since we’re living in 2018 when AI features seem a cool branding for the devices, the LG G7’ThinQ’ would also be having AI features also, if the ThinQ branding doesn’t make it obvious.

LG ThinQ had been applied by the company to its home appliances products unveiled at the CES’ 2018 in Las Vegas. This got extended with an edition of the LG V30, their last year’s flagship for the second half, which too got a ThinQ branding. The V30 ThinQ included special AI features like a smart camera which would automatically adjust the scenes depending on what is in focus in the image, the Q- Voice which seemed a stripped down version of a smart assistant with limited functionality.

And this time LG is about to expand its ThinQ branding to the G Series of smartphones, with the GG7 ThinQ. The G7 ThinQ would feature LG’s own AI assistant also, much like Samsung S8 has Bixby, and would have a dedicated AI button also, another tip taken another from Samsung Bixby.

The device s expected to feature a f/1.5 aperture camera, the first for LG giving it better low light photography and would feature the usual flagship features, a Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage, with a possible 128GB version also.

LG would be unveiling the device at an event in New York on 2nd May which would be followed by one in their home country South Korea on 3rd May in Seoul.


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