OnePlus Switch Now Gets Local Backup Feature With The Latest Update

OnePlus Switch Now Gets Local Backup Feature

If there are three things certain in life then they definitely are death, taxes, and a tinker doing something wrong at some point or the other. Even if the user does something right frequently, they will definitely do something wrong at some point. While one of the best things about Android is that it allows you to keep backups which helps prevent the loss of data when you are tweaking something at a root or ROM level.

Google seems to understand that very well and now OnePlus seems to have joined the fray. OnePlus has recently added a local backup feature for its OnePlus switch app which will help in keeping a backup of the data.

This new backup feature works smoothly for apps like contacts, pictures, call logs, messages, audio, video, and even system into (i.e. ringtones, wallpapers, etc.), and other installed applications. It is very easy to create backups on a device and what makes it even easier is the mammoth storage space OnePlus includes in its devices.

Recently, OnePlus updated its app to a v1.1.0.180208220092.9af300a, and here is its changelog:

  • Improved speed of QR code scanning for connecting other devices
  • Fix for the issue of crashing on non-OnePlus devices
  • Added new data backup feature while allows the user to create a backup for the data local in any OnePlus device

This new feature of backup on OnePlus is tried and tested. It works impressively well while it also allows the user to easily restore the backup created on that particular device without any issues. This particular feature will help in moving between different ROMs on OnePlus device a lot easier now. But you must remember to copy the backup off of your device when you are wiping the internal storage/SD partitions.

The latest version of OnePlus switch app can be downloaded by either going to the Play Store, while other non-OnePlus users can download this app by going to APK Mirror.

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