Magisk Vs SuperSu : Which One is Better and the Developer Choice?

    Magisk Vs SuperSu : Which One is Better and the Developer Choice?

    Magisk Manager proved to be the best alternative to SuperSu by Chainfire. It was built by an XDA Developer named Topjohnwu. Magisk Manager was built by keeping in mind the drawbacks of other root managers in the tech market. The main motive behind developing this was to eliminate the issues faced by rooting phones. Topjohnwu is a skilled developer and is the main backbone behind Magisk.

    Magisk Manager Features

    Looking at the features of Magisk, it’s filled with a lot of valuable stuff out that users were in need of. Here are some top-notch that can no way be ignored:

    1. The UI is smooth compared to any other manager in this field.
    2. Renowned Roms developers are including Magisk in most of the official Roms.
    3. You can specifically root what you want without messing up with unnecessary files.
    4. The Magisk Manager works smoothly without interfering with any system files and also don’t change or remove it.
    5. It is the lightweight, fast and also easily accessible even for new users.

    Keeping this beside, Magisk has a lot of other eye-catching features too that users look in for.

    Magisk Vs SuperSU, Which is Better and The Developer Choice?

    Recently, or rather from the very fast Magisk is compared to SuperSu, and there’s a solid reason too behind that. Magisk was built keeping in mind to eliminate the use of SuperSu. So here’s a quick overlook of both.

    Download and Install Magisk Manager

    To download and install Magisk Manager on your device just follow the simple steps below:

    1. Click here to download Magisk Installer Version 12.0.
    2. Once done open the file and click on install.
    3. After this the advanced AI of Magisk will automatically detect your system boot image location, all you have to do is click “Download and Install
    4. Now you will show a popup, their click on “Install“, once down a small file will be download and the app will be installed.
    5. Just reboot your device to make sure things work perfectly.
    6. That’s it your are done and can now use Magisk Manager seamlessly.

    Conclusion Behind Choosing Magisk Manager over SuperSU

    The Magisk manager can be installed on your device easily without any trouble and use for what it should be. Besides it provides with lots of features which is not provided by SuperSU and also eliminate many issues. Magisk Manager also allows you to root anything specifically without touching system files. It also allows you to use apps which normally don’t run on a rooted phone. You can additionally install Magisk Modules to experience the full Android power.