Latest Magisk v15.4
Magisk v15.4

Magisk, the universal method for achieving root access on the Android-powered smartphones has now released a new update for the Android users around the world and the latest version of Magisk comes with version number 15.4 which is the next version after the v15.3 which was released earlier. Now, the popularity of Magisk has been started from the past few years and one of the main reasons for this popularity is the fact that there is no need for any modifications to the system in order to achieve root access. Now, this was not possible in SuperSU which was the only option available to users before Magisk

As far as SuperSU is concerned, it is a system-dependent method of achieving root access which means you have to achieve some modifications in the system partitions by flashing certain things in recovery to get root access.

However, Magisk removed the dependency of modifying system partitions. Also, we have seen that there are new improvements made to Magisk with the latest updates and this update to Magisk with v15.4 also comes with some big changes and improvements. For starters, this latest version of Magisk now supports many more boot images which means you can flash boot image of any smartphone on any other phone

Now, we have also seen that the previous version of Magisk was able to hide root access as well as bypass Safety Net from Google Play Store. Thus, this release of Magisk tightens the security of Magisk even more and improves the ability to hide root access as well as other features are improved also. As far as the Magisk v15.4 is concerned, it is currently in beta stage but the developer has mentioned that the stable release of this version will be released very soon. We will let you know once this version of Magisk has been released in stable channel so stay tuned for the same