Instagram now notifies users if someone takes a screenshot of their Stories


Instagram is a social media platform that has become massively popular in the recent times for sharing photos and videos from the personal life, as well as some of the professional level images, are also uploaded there. Apart from the normal users, Instagram is popular because of the fact that it has been used by popular celebrities worldwide as well which makes it a go-to platform in order to follow the celebrities and see the photos and videos from their life. Recently, Instagram launched a new feature on its platform known as Instagram Stories.

Basically, Instagram Stories is the exact same feature as was seen earlier on Snapchats where it was called as Snap. Talking about Instagram Stories, in brief, the feature lets you post an image or video inside your Stories which will not remain on your account permanently. Rather, this is perishable which means that they will only be visible for next 24 hours after which they will be hidden from everyone. Now, these Stories feature on Instagram is very popular and has been used by most of the Instagram users to post the quick photos or videos that can be viewed for a limited time.

Also, we have known that some of the Instagram users have been taking screenshots of the Stories posted by others and publishing or sharing it with other so that they can watch it anytime.

Now, Instagram will notify the person who has posted the Story on its Instagram profile whenever any user takes a screenshot or video of his/her story which will let the user know about who the person taking the screenshot is.

As reported by thenextweb, Instagram will notify users about the person who has taken the screen of the user.Users will see a Sun type symbol right next to the person’s name.Check the screenshot shared below.

Image courtesy: thenextweb

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Understandably, this feature is introduced for privacy reasons as there were cases where the screenshots from Instagram Stories were misused by people. As seen from the image attached above, the users will get notified by a loading image next to the person who has taken a screenshot.