Xiaomi Removes “Android One vs MIUI” Twitter Poll After MIUI Loses

Xiaomi, one of the biggest names in the mobile industry and they have been doing a very good job in making some great mid-range phones.Xiaomi phones are hugely popular in some Asian countries like India and China

Some of the Xiaomi phones like Redmi Note 4 created history in sales number.Only one thing which some people like and some hate is their Custom Skin called MIUI.All the Xiaomi devices come with MIUI skin based on Android Os.The MIUI is a very popular skin and many developers have developed and ported this skin to other Android devices also.

Last year Xiaomi and Google join hands to make an Android One device called Xiaomi Mi A1.This is Xiaomi Mi 5x with Stock Android Firmware.The device was a huge success as it comes with clean vanilla Android 7.0 Nougat (updated to Oreo) instead of MIUI 9.

“Android One vs MIUI” Twitter Poll Deleted

Recently, Xioami started a twitter poll between “Android One Vs MIUI” hoping MIUI lovers would throng to the poll and guarantee a one-sided victory for MIUI.But sadly that didn’t happen.Android One won the Android One Vs MIUI poll with flying colours.According to toolsforlife “The results were Android One: 57%, MIUI:43%”.

Now that twitter poll is deleted.But one thing we should remember that users in China can’t access Twitter as most of the international social networking sites are banned in China and China along with India is the main market of Xiaomi devices.So that might be a reason behind MIUI’s loss.

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