Latest Google Play Store with new UI now rolling out to more users

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

If you are using any Android-powered device for even a short period of time, you will know that one of the most important as well as under-rated applications that is present on the Android smartphones is the Google Play Store. Looking back at the Google Play Store’s history, this application was known as the Android Market when the Android OS was first launched.

Later, the name of this application was changed to Play Store and now, the name has been changed to Google Play Store from the past few years. The Google Play Store was developed by Google and has been included on every Android device released by various OEMs barring China.

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As far as the Google Play Store is concerned, this application is the single most used application on Android as it is the only source for downloading all the applications that run on Android. As far as the Google Play Store is concerned, there have been many UI changes as well as redesigns to the application. Thus, there has been one more minor change to the UI of the Google Play Store and this new layout is now rolling out to the users having the latest version of Google Play Store around the world.

As far as the latest UI change on the Google Play Store is concerned, we have attached the screenshots of the latest UI that have been uploaded by a Reddit user, u/cooperpell. As far as the change is concerned, the new UI has a new tab under the main category so that it is easier to navigate to different sub-categories inside the main category. Now, the latest UI of the Google Play Store will be available to all the users in coming months but you can download the latest Google Play Store apk to get it sooner.