Download Google Play Store version 8.3.75 APK From Here

Download Google Play Store version 8.3.75 APK

Android is an operating system that has been running on 90% of the devices around the world and this operating system has become more popular than the Windows OS that is running on most of the laptops around the world. In terms of the Android OS, we have known that it is an open-source operating system that has been developed and maintained by Google. However, Google has added some of its touches to the Android OS that are not open-source. One of the applications that is the core part of Android is the Google Play Store.

Talking about Google Play Store, it is similar to the Apple App Store which can be found on iOS devices or the Windows Store found on the Windows devices. In the case of Google Play Store, it contributes to almost 95% of apps that have been installed on Android devices around the world and it is an essential app that has been shipped with almost every smartphone that runs on Android excluding the ones that have been sold in China.

Now, the Google Play Store has seen many updates since the time it was launched by Google and now the Google Play Store is up to version 8.3.75 which is the latest version and the update to this version will be received to all the smartphones around the world in coming days. As far as the changes with the Google Play Store’s newer versions are concerned, you may not find bigger changes with every version but there are under-the-hood changes that come with every update.

Now, if you want to get the latest version of Google Play Store instead of waiting for it to be done automatically then we have you covered in that aspect also. We have attached the apk file to the latest Google Play Store version below which you can download and install on your smartphone as a normal apk file.

Download Google Play Store version 8.3.75 APK