HTC Desire 12 retail box gets leaked revealing its specifications

HTC Desire 12
HTC Desire 12

HTC made a change in their device lineup as well as the naming pattern last year as the company released a new lineup of smartphones from the start of 2017 with the launch of its HTC U series which is now the flagship smartphone series from the company. However, the company has also been launching the HTC Desire series smartphones as well which have been continued by HTC. Talking about the HTC Desire series of smartphones, the HTC Desire 11 was launched by the company last year which went unnoticed.

Now, we have known that the company will launch the HTC Desire 12 which will be the flagship HTC Desire smartphone of 2018. Also, it is worth noting that the HTC Desire 12’s retail box has been leaked and this leak reveals all the important specifications of the latest Desire smartphone from HTC. As far as the most important aspect of the device is concerned which is the display, the HTC Desire 12 will have an 18:9 display which means that the device will have minimal bezels same as other smartphones that have been launched in the recent months. Apart from that, the smartphone will have a MediaTek processor to power the device but the specific processor to be used in the device has not been known yet.

HTC Desire 12 specs

The leaked image from the retail box of the HTC Desire 12 has been attached above which shows that the device will have a 12MP primary camera, 5MP secondary camera and a 2730 mAh battery along with a 5.5-inch HD+ display as mentioned above. Also, the HTC Desire 12 will support Dual SIM and have a microSD card slot. However, there are no details about a dedicated SD card slot or a hybrid one. Apart from that, the device is expected to be launched very soon and we will give you more details about the HTC Desire 12 as we know about it.