WhatsApp bug fixed that let hackers to hijack accounts via video call

WhatsApp bug fixed that let hackers to hijack accounts via video call

There is a bug found in the popular social messaging app WhatsApp which allows the hackers to get into your account and control easily when anyone answered an incoming video call. On October 10th, Wednesday, technology websites ZDnet and The Register reported about it. Now it’s still unknown to us that how many users were affected by this vulnerability of security.

Both the Android and iOS platform users faced this issue, which was found in late August this year and already fixed by Facebook in early October 2018, claimed by a technical disclosure report which was posted online.

WhatsApp Fixes Video Calling Bug

Facebook didn’t respond to any comments earlier because it was very unknown to them whether the attack has happened before the bug fix or not. Travis Ormandy, a researcher at Google Project Zero, mentioned on Twitter, “This is a big deal. Just answering a call from an attacker could completely compromise WhatsApp.”

He has discovered that bug. Natalie Silvanovich, another researcher of Google Project Zero security research team, also found the bug in the video calling and she said, “Heap corruption can occur when the WhatsApp mobile application receives a malformed RTP packet”.

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Memory corruption bug was also found in WhatsApp’s “non-WebRTC” video conferencing implementation. But only the WhatsApp web users were safe as it uses WebRTC for video calls. An official person told to ZDNet, “WhatsApp really cares about the security of our users. We do routine checks with security researchers from around the world to ensure the popular social messaging service remains safe and reliable to the users. We released a bug fix to the latest version of the app to resolve this issue asap.”