Sony to launch Xperia Ear Duo with dual listening capability

Sony to launch Xperia Ear Duo with dual listening capability
Xperia Ear Duo

Sony has always been an electronic device brand who comes up with some revolutionary idea. The company proved their capability again at Barcelona MWC 2018 by launching the Xperia Ear Duo. This new wireless open-ear headset will be made available for users from spring 2018.

The new open ear headset from Sony comes with dua listening capability which let users hear both music and environment sounds at the same time. The new hands-free device also comes with a feature named “Daily assist” which gives you relevant information by recognizing time and location. The headsets will be supported by both iOS and Android device and will be available on two color schemes, Black and Gold.

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By the launch of the Xperia Ear Duo, Sony became the first company to launch a headset with dual listening capability. The dual listening capability includes the ability to hear music, receive notifications and hear the sounds around the user simultaneously. The Spatial Acoustic Conductor which was developed at the house of Sony is what makes this dual listening possible.

More than just a simple hands-free headset the Xperia Ear Duo also has intelligent capabilities. The device uses Clear Phase technology developed by Sony to adjust the volume based on the noise from the surroundings. This technology also helps in eliminating dispersion of sound and improve the overall quality of the audio.

The device also comes with an intelligent feature named “Daily Assist” which provides the user with relevant information by identifying the location and time. Head gesture support is also provided with the device. Using head gestures you can answer calls, decline calls, and change music tracks. Support for Voice commands is also added to the device. Support for Siri and Google assistant is added with ability to filter out your voice from the surrounding noise.

The device is designed to make it comfortable for users. Durable stainless steel and rubber are used to manufacture the device. The device is available in three different sizes to fit different people. Four hours of continuous usage is promised on a single charge. Sony has used the same concept of Apple Airpods and has provided a case which can be used as a charger.