PUBG Mobile Beta Update Will Add Rainy Weather, Snow Area, and Other Features

The PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile Beta is all set to release another new version for its players. The new game version is expected to get an update of new vehicles, rainy and snowy areas, new weapons, new weather in Erangel and Miramar, death cam reply, new animations etc. This information has been posted by a Reddit user, u/AtomR, that this update will also add MK47 weapons and Tukshai to the game.

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PUBG Mobile: New Features Are Coming

The snow regions and mountains in Erangel map including some autumn weather will give some reality to the game. When the PUBG Mobile beta 0.11 will release, the detailed changelog and what’s new features will be known well. Currently, almost 13 million players have been banned by the Tencent and PUBG Corporation. PUBG has recently announced ‘Training Mode’ for their player to develop the playing skills in the game.

Some reports mentioned that the Tukshai will only be available on Snahok map and the MK47 weapon will be available on all maps. The new map name is still unclear, however, some reports called it ‘Dihor Otok’. We have to wait for the update release.

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