Poco F1 Finally Will Support Netflix HD Streaming With Widevine L1 DRM

The Poco F1 from Xiaomi is one of the most affordable flagship grade smartphones in 2018. It gets a huge response from the users and critics as well. The device display features Full HD+ resolution but it doesn’t support the HD streaming or higher via some online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and BBC. The handset missing a feature called Widevine L1 DRM which allows to stream media contents on online platforms. However, that’s not a big issue in terms of the price and other tech specifications. Some tech blogs including some tech video creators hyped that thing up to a level as a big issue or bug.

Poco F1 Will Support Netflix HD Streaming Soon

Currently, the Poco F1 still doesn’t support HD streaming on Netflix after a recent update. But the company assured that they will fix this issue via an OTA update very soon. The reports claimed that Xiaomi is working with the Qualcomm and Google to fix this issue properly. It also claimed that the company will try to release a beta update to test it out by the end of this year.

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Since the issue noticed in Poco F1 device, Xiaomi didn’t talk that much about the issue or the process of fixing that. Most probably, that so-called bug will be solved by some software updates which will enable the Widevine L1 DRM support. In addition, some of the users are noticing some screen bleeding issue from the bottom which is also ignorable. But if you use dark themes or wallpapers then in some conditions the screen bleeding issue will be noticeable. The critics and reviewers are also reporting this as a display hardware or software issue.

The leaks are coming that Poco F1 will get official Android 9.0 Pie update very soon, maybe by the end of this year. Right now the HD streaming issue is in progress and will take a few weeks to release an update by Xiaomi. Till then stay tuned for more info.