Motorola will not release Moto X5 this year.

Moto X4
Moto X4

Motorola, which is now owned by Lenovo, has not been doing well lately in the smartphone market and apart from the Moto G series which is doing fairly well in India, none of the other smartphones from Motorola has been able to create the hype and get the attention of the users. As far as the company’s lineup of smartphones is concerned, we saw the release of Moto X4 last year which was released as an Android One smartphone in some parts whereas the Moto X4 was launched with Motorola’s skin that was based on Android Oreo in the US.

Now, we are getting some information regarding the future of one of the Motorola’s flagship series and this series is the Moto X which saw the Moto X4 last year after releasing the Moto X3 couple of years before last year. Now, we are getting to know that Motorola will not release the sequel to the Moto X5 which was to be called as the Moto X5. The reason behind this is the failure of the Moto X4 in the market. Also, Motorola has laid off many employees from its Chicago-based factory who were directly responsible for the Moto X series.

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Talking about the layoff from Motorola, it is known that almost half of the employees from Chicago working for Motorola have been told that April 6 will be their last day. Now, we have also known that the Moto Z series from Motorola is going to be continued, however, despite the fact that the Moto Mods concept has not been able to gain as much popularity as was initially expected by the company. Also worth noting is the fact that Motorola will now focus solely on the Moto G, Moto E and the Moto Z series from the company going in to the future.