91% of Android smartphone users are loyal to Android OS: CIRP

Android vs iOS
Android vs iOS

We have known that the most debated topic among the technology enthusiasts and smartphone users nowadays is the topic of superiority between Android and iOS. It is a well-known question that has been asked of an iPhone user running iOS is why would you use iOS over Android and the same goes for Android users to switch them to iOS’ side. Now, we have known that Android is the most widely used operating system in the present time and iOS is only used by a small number of users when compared to Android.

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Talking about the Android vs iOS debate, we have now received some information regarding the smartphone loyalty of Android smartphone users as well as iOS users. This report gives us the percentage of smartphone users that are currently using an Android device coming from the same operating system or a different operating system which is also known as smartphone loyalty. Now, this report shows us the number of users who have switched from iOS to Android in 2017 and vice-versa and based on that, we can get to know the smartphone loyalty. Now, this report was conducted by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

According to the report published by CIRP, it is worth noting that the report concludes that Android users are above iOS users in terms of smartphone loyalty. If we look at the percentages, the smartphone loyalty of Android users goes up to 91% whereas the iOS users are 86% loyal to their current smartphone OS. It is also interesting to note that the smartphone loyalty of Android users which was at 89% went up to 91% between January 2016 and December 2017. According to CIRP, the Android users are ahead in smartphone loyalty due to the fact that they can switch between OEMs without leaving Android OS which is not possible with iOS.