Download Android 9.0 P stock wallpapers

Android 9.0 P stock wallpapers (official) are now available for download: Although few lucky people can enjoy Android 8.0 Oreo today, Google is already working with the rumored ninth version of Android, “Android P“. In fact, four days ago Google launched its first developer preview.

Thanks to it, we got to know several new features, such as different improvements in the notification bar or new security options. However, the developer preview has also given us a few wallpapers.

These are the Android P official default wallpapers

Indeed, today we have among us the first wallpapers of Android P, 18 abstract backgrounds that give color to what could be the new Android Pie, or Pancake, or Profiterole … Nobody even knows his name! Of course, your funds are no longer a secret:

  • Download Android P Stock Wallpapers Zip File

It’s still early to say that these will be the Android P stock wallpapers, but we can get an idea of where the shots are going. At the moment, all are abstract, with different geometric shapes, but surely Google will include some other landscape wallpaper from here to its final version.

Speaking of final versions, the Android P calendar seems to be quite clear, since it will surely follow the example of Android 8.0 Oreo: the first developer preview in March, a second in April, the first alpha or similar around the days of Google I / O 2018 (May 8-10) and finally its final version in August.

Remember that if you want any of these wallpapers on your mobile you just have to move it to the memory of your device. From the settings of your launcher, you can set it as wallpaper or depend on the device, blocking background wallpaper.