WhatsApp stable version will finally release stickers and swipe to reply feature in coming few weeks

Currently, the use of emojis and stickers are growing every day on social media and online chat messaging apps for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp is one of them and according to the records the WhatsApp users are slightly higher in terms of the Facebook users. Earlier this year, ‘Delete for Everyone’ options was enabled which is now a great feature. A few weeks ago, both the Android and iOS users can use beta version for stickers and swipe to reply feature on WhatsApp. Now the company is working on the update roll-out process for the stable version as well.

WhatsApp Will Soon Bring Stickers and Swipe To Reply Feature

The new stickers will bring joy to the users as this will be the more expressive way and newly released option than the emojis. Currently, WhatsApp will release some sticker bundles preloaded in the app which you can easily download from the app. If you want to use more stickers then you can download more stickers from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free. WhatsApp provides a bundle of APIs and interfaces which can be helpful to create stickers for the developers or designers.

WhatsApp stable version will finally release stickers and swipe to reply feature in coming few weeks

The iOS users can use new stickers by simply tapping on the sub-menu while uploading the images. On the other side, Android users can find the stickers option on the left side of the typing bar (emoji icon). Just simply tap on emoji icon and choose the third one sticker option at the bottom and you’re ready to use it. The stickers will be available for Android later 2.18.329 version and for iOS later 2.18.100 version. The latest beta version is already having these features and you can download it from Play Store or APK file from online sites as well. But the stable version will take some time at least for a few weeks to release globally.

Another feature is the swipe to reply option. That will again come in handy in terms of the specific message reply to any individual person or any group. There are several experiments is in the process which will take some time. Till then stay tuned for more info.