TWRP includes 8 smartphones - Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, and Nokia also in the list

Recently, TWRP confirmed that Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL now supports custom recovery officially. And now TWRP added support for 8 new devices in the list including Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Moto, and Nokia devices officially. These days the smartphone operating systems have become more flexible and customizable. In this case, a lot of developers can create a specific custom ROM for a specific device model easily. It’s worth mentioning that now most of the companies providing Project Treble support to their devices.

TWRP includes 8 smartphones

In earlier days, most of the devices were getting easily bricked during the custom recovery or flashing process. After the TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) support introduced, all the developers and customization lovers can easily flash any files in a very faster and easier way with minimum risk. Once you unlocked the bootloader of your device, you can easily add custom recovery and can also root your device.

Here is the list of device models which are recently added in custom recovery support:

Recently Added (within a week)

A few months ago, some of the devices also got TWRP support such as: