Overheating and Shutting Down causing to Google Pixel 3 while charging

Overheating and Shutting Down causing to Google Pixel 3 while charging

Google Pixel 3 series recently launched with a quite higher price tag and the company isn’t having a good time with this version. The bigger awkward notch and higher price with repair issue have been criticized a lot in a few days. Now the reports are coming that Pixel 3 is overheating and shutting down while charging. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

Google Pixel 3 Causing Issue While Charging

Only some of the users are facing this issue with periodical shut down and overheating while charging. Here is the main thing that in some conditions any device can get overheat during charging but occasional device shut down isn’t the normal thing. This year Google also launched wireless charger for Pixel 3 series devices called ‘Pixel Stand’. It provides up to 10W charging to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices, while it can also charge Qi-compatible devices.

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Now the bad part is that when the device charges via any wireless charger and the user do some normal tasks like internet browsing or watching any video, the device gets overheated and turned off. Google was confirmed clearly that unapproved wireless chargers won’t work properly with Pixel 3 series devices. Google limits the non-approved wireless chargers up to 5W charging but the reason didn’t clear yet behind it.

The Pixel 3 series hardware could not be capable of charging from any powerful chargers or that can be a software bug. If the device shut down in that way, Google should solve this issue via the firmware update.