Intending to bring a better chat experience for their customers, Samsung Electronics and Google LLC have announced that they have decided to pool their resources and work together in order to accelerate the initiative of the mobile industry towards global Rich Communication Services coverage and interoperability, along with offering an enhanced messaging experience on the smartphones.

One of the benefits to the customers that can be reaped from this collaboration is that the Samsung Messages and Android Messages would work together with RCS Messaging.

RCS Messaging is something that Google aims would be the next big thing when it comes to mobile messaging. It is basically an overhaul of the traditional SMS and would offer services like sending messages over WiFi, see typing indicators, read receipts support and creating group chats. It would be having the option of sharing high- resolution photos and videos across platforms also.

As a part of the expanded collaboration, the companies have introduced the RCS Messaging feature to many of Samsung’s devices. Furthermore, many existing devices from the South Korean manufacturer are also supposed to get support for native RCS messaging, with the Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ being the first devices to get the same.

Furthermore, any developer or brand intending to create RCD Business Messaging experience would be able to reach the customers of both Google’s Android Messages and Samsung Messages irrespective of the fact whether he/she is using Google’s services or Samsung’s Messaging-as-a-platform to power his/ her app.

“By furthering our robust partnership with Google, we will bring a richer messaging experience to our customers, letting them seamlessly chat with their friends and family across messaging platforms. This collaboration will help further the industry’s momentum toward advanced messaging and global RCS coverage.” Quoted the EVP and Head of Product and Services Innovation Team at Samsung Electronics

The companies expect that this partnership would help bolster RCS Messages thereby increasing its rate of adoption by manufacturers worldwide.