Red Hydrogen One delayed again!!!

RED Hydrogen One

If you are not into professional photography or filmmaking you might not have heard the name Red. The company is famous for developing high-end cameras used to shoot movies like the one from Marvel cinematic universe.

So no doubt when back in 2017 when Red announced that they are entering the Smartphone market space it made a group of people excited as they were expecting high-quality photography and video shooting which would be unparalleled by rest of the industry, but that was back in 2017 and even now we are waiting for the phone to arrive.

The company founder Jim Jannard said in a post that Red Hydrogen One would miss its Summer release date and would be available in November 2nd, 2018 whereas people who Pre-ordered the device will start receiving their shipments from October 9th, 2018. According to the company’s founder, the Black Aluminium color will arrive first and the Titanium one would follow it after some time.

The phone features the last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with Adreno 540 Graphics coupled with 4 GB of RAM, the phone will ship with a 5.7 Inch holographic display which doesn’t need glasses to see 3-D content. This display seems to be the main attraction for the phone and the reason the device has been delayed so many times already.

The phone is also made up of metal so we don’t expect wireless charging or anything but water-proofing is a sure thing. We also expect HDR capabilities on this device in near future.
We hope that display is something radical as the company is putting so much effort and trust into this device.

The device is currently up for the pre-orders on Red’s official website the Aluminium Model will cost you the U.S. $1,295 whereas the Titanium one will cost you the U.S. $ 1,595.