Microsoft launches Who’s In app for creating and planning events

Who's In App
Who's In App

Microsoft has launched a new application for the Android users which has been named as the Who’s In app. This app has been named appropriately due to the tasks that can be done by the application which is to create events and also plan them. Now, the name of the app is very identical to the steps of planning an event which is that whenever there is an event planned to be taking place in the coming hours, days or months then we have to ask whether who is in for the event so that it can be finalized who is in the event.

Now, this app has been available on the Google Play Store for the Android users and the app can be downloaded on the Android handsets. Now, you should note that this app is very easy to use and works just like any other chat application. This means that the way we chat to our friends or family while planning any event, the same can be done inside this app also but the Who’s In App simplifies this process by giving us the options whether to Watch a Movie, Eat and Drink, Attend an event or any other events that we need to plan.

Selecting any of this options will give us the relevant options. For instance, if we select the option to eat and drink then we have been given the options to select the restaurants. After that, we have to select the users who we need to add in the event and chat for further details. Also, whenever a new user joins in on any event created by us then they get to choose a vote whether they are in or not. If they vote for in, they are added to the event otherwise not.

Download Microsoft’s Who’s In App