The Google Assistant will reach many more countries this year

Although Google is trying to make its virtual assistant the core of its hardware universe, the availability of Assistant worldwide is still limited. Without going any further, until not long ago, Hindi-speaking Android users could not enjoy all the benefits of the assistant, and even today devices such as Google Home, do not support our language despite being based on Assistant.

Therefore, one of the great plans of Google for this 2018 lies in expanding the availability of Assistant around the world. And today, during the Digital News Initiative 201, the great G has confirmed that its assistant will reach new countries throughout this year.

Google Assistant will land in more parts of the planet in 2018

As confirmed on Twitter by one of the attendees of the event, Google would have revealed which countries are chosen for the landing of their assistant over the coming months.

In the image, Google marks in blue those countries that have already received, or that will receive the assistant. Taking into account the regions in which Assistant is already available, we deduce that, among others, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia or South Africa have been chosen by Google for deployment.

According to the data provided by the company on the slide, the growth of Google Assistant in this 2018 will be 300% in terms of countries, while the growth in terms of languages will be lower, by 213%.

At the moment, yes, it has not been specified when the arrival of the assistant will occur in the new selected countries, although the deployment will probably take place gradually over the months. We will stay tuned until we discover the latest news related to the Google assistant.