How to disable battery usage notification on Android Oreo

disable battery usage notification on Android Oreo

How to disable battery usage notification on Android Oreo, If you are one of the privileged people who already enjoy Android Oreo, you will have seen that notifications charge an important role. However, many users are a little tired of persistent. Therefore, we are going to tell you How to disable battery usage notification on Android Oreo

From Oreo, we have seen an annoying notification about the use of the data. However, this alert has changed its name and now comes out when using a battery. That is, it appears when an app uses more battery than normal.

If you have this problem and you are fed up with this notification, calm that you can deactivate it. Now I tell you how:

How to disable battery usage notification on Android Oreo

Disable notification of battery usage in Oreo

If you want to disable the persistent notification of use of the battery in Android Oreo, you need to follow these steps from your smartphone:

  1. Unlock your device with Android Oreo.
  2. Swipe down from notifications
  3. If you see the battery usage notification,  press and hold on it.
  4. Turn it off, turning off the switch.
  5. Select “Done” and you will have successfully deactivated the notification.

You see that in a few steps you can deactivate it and say goodbye to this problem. Because it’s a bit annoying to see it always in the notification bar. In the case that you have never left or want to enable it again, below we tell you how to activate the notification of battery use in Oreo.

Enable battery usage notification on Android Oreo

  1. Enter the settings of your mobile with Oreo.
  2. Go to the Applications and notifications section.
  3. Click on see all applications.
  4. Select the 3 points> Show system applications.
  5. Click on the app in the Android System app.
  6. Select Notifications for the application.
  7. You will see an option that says ” Applications that consume battery “. This is checked by default when you upgrade to Oreo, at least on Android Pure. But from here you can activate other notifications of apps you want.
  8. If you click on this option of Applications that consume battery, you can mark the “importance”. By default it comes mean, they are sound. But there is also low, high or urgent. Choose what interests you the most

This is how you can customize it from your Android smartphone, easy and fast, With the arrival of Android Oreo there are many customizations among its settings and you notice it if you explore it yourself. If you have more questions about how to turn off or activate the battery usage notification on Android Oreo, ask us in the comments. Also, Stay Tuned with us to know more about the Upcoming hidden setting tutorials on Android 8.0 Oreo.

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