Unofficial HTC One M8 LineageOS 15 ROM now available for download.

HTC has released the latest flagship smartphones from the company in the HTC U series where the company launched the HTC U Ultra earlier this year and later the company launched the HTC U11. Now, we have also known that the latest version of Android which is Android 8.0 Oreo is released by Google recently thus the expectation from Android manufacturers to release the update to their smartphones has increased and the companies like HTC should be the first to receive the update.

In terms of the update that is going to be released by HTC that will update the HTC smartphones to the latest version of Android, the company has already announced that they have started working on the update and the smartphones that have been released by the company this year and last year as well are going to be updated to the latest version of HTC Sense very soon. However, we all know that the updates from these companies take a long time to come so the wait for the update could be much longer. Thus, currently the only way to get the latest update is via a custom ROM. The best custom ROM out of all the various ROMs is the LineageOS ROM and it is available and ported on Android 8.0 Oreo as LineageOS 15.

One HTC device by the name of HTC One M8 has now received an unofficial build of LineageOS 15.0 which when installed upgrades the smartphone to the latest version of Android. However, you should proceed with the installation of the Custom ROM on your HTC One M8 if you know all the risks involved in this process. In order to know the process to install LineageOS 15 on your HTC One M8, you should follow our installation guide from here.


Unofficial LineageOS 15 build for HTC One M8

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