Popular Zooper Widget has been pulled from the Google Play Store


Zooper is one app that has been extremely popular in the Android ecosystem. Android has always been known for the customisation that it offers, especially when compared to other mobile operating systems. You can completely change the look of your device by slapping third party launchers and icon packs.

One of the most popular customisation widgets has been the Zooper Widget(and the Zooper Widget Pro). It allows you to create your own home screen widgets and also carries with it a few built-in widget templates.

Sadly, the Zooper Widget and the Zooper Widget Pro have been pulled from the Play Store. This comes in as a surprise as the apps developer, MYCOLORSCREEN still have some of their other applications on the Play Store. The clear reason behind the app’s removal from the Play Store is not known.

To recollect, the Zooper Widget was had over 1 million downloads and the Pro version had over 100,000 downloads. Since the Pro version of the app costed $2.99, the removal of the app hasn’t gone well with the Pro users. However, it is also worthy to note that the developers haven’t updated the app in a very long time and hence this might mean that they have stopped supporting the app.

That said, the Zooper Widget app will always be remembered and it is safe to say that it has been one of the most successful customisation apps the operating system has ever seen.