Google pushes out a massive update to the Flights and Trips apps

Google Flights

The Flights and Trips apps by Google have never been really popular like some of the other apps the tech giant makes. The apps lacked a punch and simply didn’t provide intelligent suggestions to force users to start using the app. But that may well change now as the company has pushed out a rather major update to the two apps. The update not only improves the app but also adds a few new exciting features.

Firstly, Google has implemented Machine Learning into their Flights app and hence it now suggests better results for hotels by suggesting you to book when the prices are low and offer best value. For those wondering about the fancy term “Machine Learning” that is being used quite a lot in 2017, it’s enough to understand that it is making Operating Systems better than ever!

It is worthy to note that this feature has been inspired from the previous version of the app that did the same thing for flight tickets. Now, it does it for hotels as well and it informs the user if the price is high. The user can also subscribe for email notifications regarding the price drop.

Lastly, the Google Trips app has received a new feature as well. The app now houses a new “Discounts” section which shows you the discounted prices of tickets for various events, tours etc once the user has entered his trip venue.