Moto Z2 Play Android Oreo update to be released very soon

Moto Z2 Play
Moto Z2 Play

Motorola launched the latest lineup of smartphones in its flagship Moto Z series in 2017 which was named as the Moto Z2 series and the latest smartphones in the Moto Z2 series was the Moto Z2 and the Moto Z2 Play where the Moto Z2 is the premium smartphone and the Moto Z2 Play is the budget version of the Moto Z2. As far as both the smartphones are concerned, Motorola released these smartphones with Android Nougat which was the previous version of Android now that Android Oreo has been released by Google.

As far as Android Oreo update is concerned, we have known that there are very few number of Android devices that are running Android Oreo even after six months of its release and the total percentage of devices running Android Oreo comes down to only 1.1% according to official statistics released by Google. Now, we know that 1.1% of total Android devices worldwide is still a very big number but it is not close to the adoption rate of Apple’s iOS on its devices. Now, we have known that Motorola is going to release Android Oreo for its Moto Z2 series and the information regarding the Android Oreo update for Moto Z2 Play is surfacing more and more.

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We have known that Motorola has published the final release notes of Android Oreo for the Moto Z2 Play officially on its website which means that the update is just around the corner and we would not be surprised if the update has already been released by the time you are reading this article. As far as the release notes are concerned, they are published on Motorola’s Portuguese website which suggests that the update could be released there first with it rolling out to other parts of the world. Stay tuned to know more about Android Oreo update for Moto Z2 Play