Moto G4 Plus gets January 2018 security patch update build NPIS26.48-36-2

Moto G4 Plus January 2018 security patch update build NPIS26.48-36-2

Moto G4 Plus has started receiving NPIS26.48-36-2 January 2018 security patch ota update.Motorola released the latest smartphone in their extremely popular Moto G series lineup which has been named as the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus. Now, the Moto G5 was the mid-range flagship smartphone from the company until the launch of the Moto G5S series by the company later last year which eventually became the flagship smartphone in the Moto G series where the Moto G5S Plus was the top-end Moto G series smartphone for 2017. However, the company launched the 4th generation of its Moto G series as the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus in 2016 where the Moto G4 Plus was the flagship Moto G series smartphone of 2016.

Now, as far as the Moto G4 Plus is concerned, the smartphone was launched by Motorola in the beginning of 2016 when the latest version of Android was Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and thus the smartphone came with the latest version of Android available at that time.

However, it was updated to Android 7.0 Nougat later when the next version of Android was released. Now, it is expected that the Moto G4 series from Motorola will get the Android Oreo update as well which was released last year by Google.

NPIS26.48-36-2 Security Update For Moto G4 Plus

The Moto G4 Plus has currently started to receive a new update on their handsets and this update comes with a security patch update which is equally as important as the software updates. This security update comes with the January 2018 security patch which was released by Google last month and it is the first security patch update for this year by Google. The security update for the Moto G4 Plus has been released as an OTA update which comes with build NPIS26.48-36-2. Now, make sure to download the OTA update as soon as it comes to your device and install it on your smartphone to get the latest security patch on your Moto G4 Plus which improves the security of your device.