LG G7(Neo) gets showcased in exclusive concept images

LG G7 Neo
LG G7 Neo

LG has been working on the flagship smartphone in the LG G series for a while now and we have known that the company did not release its flagship smartphone at the Mobile World Congress which was held recently. Traditionally, LG releases the LG G series flagship of the year at the MWC same as it did for the LG G6 and others. However, the next flagship smartphone from LG, likely to be named as the LG G7(Neo) will be released later this year, most likely by next month. Also, we have known that the LG G7(Neo) was presented in a closed meeting at the MWC where the smartphone got leaked.

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As far as the leaked images of the LG G7(Neo) at the MWC are concerned, you can read more about it from the Also Read section above. However, it is worth noting that one of the reputed publications in the industry, Technobuffalo has now shared some exclusive concept images of the LG G7(Neo), which it claims to have made after working with the available information via leaks and working with the famous leaker, Venya Geskin. As far as the design of the LG G7(Neo) is concerned, it will have a notch at the top with a small chin at the bottom.

Apart from that, the smartphone will have a dual camera setup, a fingerprint sensor on the back and it is very likely that the LG G7(Neo) will look very familiar to the LG V30. Apart from that, the LG G7(Neo) will have 6GB of RAM and it will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor. As far as the release date of the LG G7(Neo) is concerned, it is known that the company will reveal the next flagship smartphone by April 2018, which it internally calls Judy. Stay tuned to know more about the LG G7(Neo).