Unfollow Everyone On Instagram

You may be aware of the fact that Instagram let you follow 7,500 people at a time which is the maximum limit. You cannot follow more people once you hit the limit. You have to unfollow some people and only then can you follow an equal number of people. You would come across various situations when you have to mass unfollow people. For example, when you hit that 7,500 marks, you might want to mass unfollow inactive people. Doing it manually is time-consuming and Instagram does not allow you to unfollow more than 160 people in an hour.

There could be a situation when your Instagram account gets hacked and you would have to unfollow your following so that the hacker cannot send lewd messages to the ones you are following. Sometimes, you may want to unfollow everyone so that so no one can’t send your private messages and bully or disturb you. You can also unfollow everyone who is inactive or not follow you back. In this article, we will tell you how to unfollow everyone on Instagram using third-party apps.

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Some Apps That Help Users To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram | Mass Unfollow

  1. Crowd Fire

It is the most popular app that most of the people use to manage their social media profiles. It supports Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can find inactive people you are following and go for a mass unfollow. You can also mass unfollow everyone in your list effortlessly. Apart from that, the app provides options to auto schedule posts, auto-reply private messages, auto-creates posts, and provide insights through useful reports.

Crowdfire: Social Media Manager
Crowdfire: Social Media Manager

2. Fast Unfollow

The tool is designed to let you do a mass unfollow on Instagram and you can literally Unfollow everyone with a single click. It is a paid tool but it allows you to unfollow 200 people for free. You can unfollow up to 1400 people per day with the paid version and the unfollow operation is performed automatically once you start it.

3. Unfollow All For Instagram

This is another popular app that has received good reviews and works perfectly to remove all the followings you have with a single tap. You can seamlessly unfollow everyone who is not following you back.

Unfollow All for Instagram
Unfollow All for Instagram
Developer: ser9apps
Price: Free

4. Instant Cleaner – For Instagram

It is a paid app but you can remove 5 people at a time for free. You should give it a try though the first two apps are better than this as of late, it is receiving some negative reviews.

Instant Cleaner- for Instagram
Instant Cleaner- for Instagram